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Giving a Sneak Peek Inside Digital Marketing Analytics

Wow. What an incredible couple of weeks it has been. On April 21st our book became available on Amazon.com, and then a week later we started to see it at Barnes & Noble bookstores across the country. Shortly after launching it made its way into … [Read more]

The Five Reasons We Wrote Digital Marketing Analytics – Chuck Hemann Edition

The next two weeks are going to be big for Ken Burbary and myself. On Wednesday Digital Marketing Analytics hits the warehouse. After hitting the warehouse it should be in your hands shortly thereafter. It is hard to believe that over nine months of … [Read more]

Ten Trends in Digital Analytics Today

Being on a college campus is also an energizing experience. There is a great desire to learn more, and interact with people who have been working in the field for some time. The bonus comes when you realize that there is a lack of negativity that is … [Read more]

Introduction to Digital Marketing Analytics

Have you ever thought about writing a book on a topic you are passionate about? If someone did ask you to write a book, what would you say? What emotions would you have? If we were to guess, your initial reaction would be some combination of ecstatic … [Read more]