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The Five Reasons We Wrote Digital Marketing Analytics – Chuck Hemann Edition

number 5The next two weeks are going to be big for Ken Burbary and myself. On Wednesday Digital Marketing Analytics hits the warehouse. After hitting the warehouse it should be in your hands shortly thereafter. It is hard to believe that over nine months of writing, editing and then writing and editing again is over. It is hard to believe that the awesome Katherine Bull will not be emailing us about an impending deadline. All that is left now is for us to talk about the book, and for you to tell us what you think of it. Of course, we would love it if you told others about how great it was, but we will also take your direct feedback.

If you have written a book you know something like this does not come together without a significant amount of support from family, friends and colleagues. Writing and editing every night and weekend for nine months is not a small commitment, but it is one we are happy to have taken on. From the moment we announced we were writing the book many  have asked us who inspired us to write it. For that you will have to buy the book and check out the acknowledgements. There are a number of people that Ken and I have thanked for supporting us through the process.

The other question many have asked us is, “why did we write the book in the first place?” That is an equally loaded question, and one that is likely to have many different responses from both of us. Here are five from my perspective:

  • Digital marketing analytics roadmap – There are books currently available on the market that talk about traditional communications measurement. There are plenty of books currently available on the market that discuss the intricacies of web analytics. What there wasn’t, in our view, was a roadmap for communicators that tied elements of  digital, social and traditional analytics together. 
  • Not another web analytics book – If you search on Amazon for “web analytics” you will be faced with nearly 2,000 different results. To say that the topic of web analytics has been covered would be the understatement of the century. While we do talk briefly about web analytics in the book do not look for an extensive discussion about the topic.
  • Analytics toolbox development – If you currently work for a brand, or represent one on the agency side you know how many digital analytics tools currently exist on the marketplace. There are literally hundreds of social media monitoring tools alone. What we wanted to provide to communicators was a list of tools that should be in every toolbox. If you are wondering what those tools are be sure to check out chapters 4-9 in the book.
  • Measurement best practices – People like Katie Paine have been writing about best practices in media measurement for years, and we think it is great stuff. What we wanted to give more color on, though, was how we could bring together paid, social and traditional metrics into one cohesive scorecard. If we want to shout from the rooftops about the importance of integrated communications, we should be shouting equally as loudly for integrated measurement.
  • Bringing client experience to life – Both of us have several years of experience counseling clients on any number of analytics problems, and we wanted to be sure that came to life in the book. Where possible you will see names of companies we have worked with, but at a minimum what you will see throughout the book is our experience working with the Fortune 500 to gather, analyze and develop insights from volumes of digital data.

Those are just five from my perspective. Ken will be adding his five shortly. In the meantime, what are the five things you are hoping to get out of the book?


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